Erie County was officially created by an act of the Ohio Legislature in 1838. It was formed from parts of Sandusky and Huron counties, and it is named for the Erie, a tribe of Native Americans who once lived along the south shore of Lake Erie. It is the second smallest of Ohio’s 88 counties in terms of geographic size, only 626 square miles, including Kelleys Island, but its story is a remarkable one. Click HERE for more information on Erie County’s history.
It is the mission of the Erie County Historical Society to tell that story. The story is ongoing, it is written new every day, every month, every year. What we do, think, and say is influenced by what came before us. How we think about the past—what we choose to celebrate and what we choose to ignore—changes as well. History, including local history, is far from settled and is constantly changing as new information is unearthed and new filters are used to interpret what came before us. History really is alive.
Traditionally, the Society has focused on lecture programs and historical markers to tell the county’s story. This website adds new storytelling tools to open history’s doors. We invite visitors to travel back in time and visit our library of historic walking tours. We believe knowing and understanding something of the past gives a new level of appreciation to everyday life.
We, the Trustees and Members of the Erie County Historical Society invite you to explore our website and experience the amazing history that Erie County has to offer.

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Lester Hubbard House - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyHISTORIC WALKING TOURS

We know that you have walked down our streets and wondered about some of the houses and businesses that you see.  Here is your chance to explore the various cities, townships and villages in Erie County through these amazing walking tours. View before and after pictures, discover tidbits about the old houses and buildings that you see, and explore the many hidden treasures that only they eye (or a camera) can capture.

  Click HERE to see which Walking Tours are available, or use these shortcuts:   The Underground Railroad Historic Walking Tour   Washington Park Walking Tour  Downtown Sandusky Walking Tour   Virtual Downtown Sandusky Tour  Kelleys Island Walking Tours

Boy With The Boot - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyUPCOMING EVENTS

This is it – the City of Sandusky celebrates its 200 Bicentennial this year. And WOW do they have some great plans. Sandusky has four major scheduled events for the Bicentennial (You can keep up with the events list for Sandusky’s Bicentennial Celebration at www.Sandusky2018.com

April 18Jay Cooke: Shaping Sandusky and the U.S., presented by the Erie County Historical Society – at the Sandusky State Theatre.
May 6SPECIAL MEMBERS ONLY EVENT! Join us for a special tour of historic Washington Park followed by dinner and drinks at the Sandusky Yacht Club. You must be a member to participate (it is a real deal at just $10). Join HERE.
May 19 – International Museum Day and museums across Erie County celebrate with free admissions and activities. What a great opportunity to explore the history of our communities.
May 23Walking Tour of Washington Park –  at 6:00 pm. Walking Tour article in the Sandusky Register.
All summer – Watch for $1.00 Museum Days, in which Sandusky museums only charge a dollar for admission on certain days, particularly July 12-15 and August 18.
July 4 – Guest speaker series at Adams High School in Sandusky:
June 27 – Walking Tour – Explore Sandusky & the Underground Railroad at 6:00 p.m. 
July 25 – Walking Tour – Discover hidden gems in the Downtown Sandusky – 
at 6:00 p.m. 
August 22 – Walking Tour – Downtown Sandusky –  
at 6:00 p.m. 
September 26 – Walking Tour of Washington Park –  
at 6:00 p.m.
October 7 – Attend our Annual Meering at Chet & Matts Pizza – We will have one of the “prisoners of war”  at the Johnson’s Island Confederate Prison as a guest speaker. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
November 18 – Attend our Annual Meeting & Banquet at the Sandusky Yacht Club – More details will be coming.
November 23-25 – Winter Festival Sandusky

How much do you know about Erie County and its remarkable history? Take our quiz and see if you are a Newbie or a real Historian.
Take this quiz and find out.


Old Post Office & Merry Go Round Museum - Erie County Ohio Historical Society


This was once Sandusky’s Post Office, now it is the home of the Carousel Museum. The number and quality of museums in our area is impressive and the Erie County Historical Society encourages both residents and visitors to visit these museums and historic sites to learn more about the story of Erie County and our neighboring counties. Click HERE to discover our amazing inventory of Museums and Historic Sites. There are over 30 historic sites and history museums in Erie County – ranging from the magnificent Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island to the Firelands Historical Society, the oldest history museum in Ohio. Isn’t it time you explored our history?


The Erie County Historical Society has worked hard to make sure that the Historic Markers located in Erie County are maintained. We recently had several cleaned, stripped and repainted. Our historic sites should never be neglected.
We have over 70 historic markers in Erie County. Some mark the locations of buildings or sites that are no longer there, others celebrate the long and varied history of buildings that are still in use. It is truly a trip down memory lane.


JOIN our organization with a simple $10.00 A YEAR MEMBERSHIP – JUST CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM.


Sandusky Library - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietySandusky Library - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyThe Sandusky Library contains a wealth of information about Erie County and Sandusky, including microfilm copies of the Sandusky newspapers dating back to the 1830’s (yes, you can read all about the Cholera epidemic or see what happened on the date of your birth) as well as collections of historic photos and stories. sanduskylib.org