Erie County Courthouse - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyDISCOVER OUR HISTORY
Erie County was officially created by an act of the Ohio Legislature in 1838. It was formed from parts of Sandusky and Huron counties, and is named for the Erie, a tribe of Native Americans who once lived along the south shore of Lake Erie. Including Kelleys Island, it is the second smallest of Ohio’s 88 counties in land area, only 252 square miles. With 374 square miles of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay, the total legal size is 626 sq miles.  Click HERE to discover our unique history.


Sandusky Library - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyOUR THANKS

The Sandusky Library contains a wealth of information about Erie County and Sandusky, including microfilm copies of the Sandusky newspapers dating back to the 1830’s (yes, you can read all about the Cholera epidemic or see what happened on the date of your birth) as well as collections of historic photos and stories.



We are the one with the historic marker on it. Erie County Historical Society 

It is the best way to keep up with all the ‘historic’ news in Erie County and surrounding areas.


Celebrate Cedar Point’s 150 year remarkable Anniversary with a trip down memory lane.

Check out our vintage photo slideshow HERE.

Beecher House - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyHISTORIC WALKING TOURS
We know that you have walked down our streets and wondered about some of the houses and businesses that you see.  Here is your chance to explore the various cities, townships and villages in Erie County through these amazing walking tours. View before and after pictures, discover tidbits about the old houses and buildings that you see, and explore the many hidden treasures that only the eye (or a camera) can capture.
The Underground Railroad   Washington Park   Downtown Sandusky   Virtual Downtown Sandusky   Kelleys Island    Vermilion Milan



The Erie County Historical Society has worked hard to make sure that the Historic Markers located in Erie County are maintained. 

We have over 70 historic markers in Erie County. Some mark the locations of buildings or sites that are no longer there, others celebrate the long and varied history of buildings that are still in use. It is truly a trip down memory lane.

We recently had several cleaned, stripped and repainted. Our historic sites should never be neglected.


Underground Railroad - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

2020 Events – As you can imagine – events, tours and social gatherings are pretty much on hold. But that doesn’t mean you can’t attend many of these virtually. Not quite the same, but it should whet your appetite for the in-person event when it does occur. 

2019 Events – Catch up on what we did last year – We toured the E & K Winery, ventured up and down Wayne and E. Water Streets, held another Underground Railroad tour and ventured out on the water for our first tour on the Goodtime I. We capped off the year with our annual meeting, banquet and presentation on Kelleys Island.

This was once Sandusky’s Post Office, now it is the home of the Carousel Museum. The number and quality of museums in our area is impressive and the Erie County Historical Society encourages both residents and visitors to explore these museums and historic sites. Click HERE to discover our amazing inventory of Museums and Historic Sites.
There are over 30 historic sites and history museums in Erie County – ranging from the magnificent Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island to the Firelands Historical Society, the oldest history museum in Ohio. Isn’t it time you explored our history?




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