Well, here it is, 2021, and the year of the COVID pandemic is (mostly) behind us. 

The bad news is that we are still working on a plan to begin the walking tours again. Many of our tour leaders are anxious about trying to lead a large group of people around. Some tours, like the Underground Railroad Tour drew over 40 people.
The good news is that we WILL be doing a couple of tours this year and we WILL hold our Annual Meeting in November with a guest speaker. We just haven’t finalized the dates and tours yet. So check back or watch our Facebook page for updates.

In the meantime – be sure to check Events & Classes on the Sandusky Library page – they are moving forward with some tours of their own. (We like to think that they got the idea from us but they were likely working on them already).

We have loads of Walking Tours on our website that you can experience without leaving your home. Plus, there are even more on our Museum pages! Just pick a city and explore.