Everyone is invited to our Annual meetings, and we have such great speakers!

Our 2018 Annual Meeting was held in November at the Sandusky Yacht Club. a large crowd attended. A special item on our agenda was the presentation of a plaque to Doreen Paul of the Sandusky Library. She has worked extensively in researching and writing about some of the more interesting historical aspects of Erie County on the Sandusky Library’s History Blogspot. Doreen is retiring and we thought it was important that we recognize her contribution to the history of this county. In addition. you will see pictures of our guest speaker, Jerel Scott who presented a history of the coal docks in Sandusky. Did you know that Dock 3 is one mile long? And that 100 railroad cars come in at a time? It was really fascinating.

Our 2017 Annual Meeting featured Dennis Lamont who spoke on the Lake Shore Electric Railroad (that wonderful Interurban Line). We had such a great time and the food was delicious!

Our 2016 Annual Meeting