Erie County Historical Society Board of Trustees, Officers and Mission Statement

Our Officers:

President                     John Hildebrandt
Vice President            Lou Schultz
Secretary                     Leslie Korenko
Treasurer                    Monty Kaufman

Our Board Members serve for three years effective on the date of the Annual Meeting:

Terms Expire November 2021:
Mary Ann Groot, Randy Koch, James O. Miller, Chris Wimer, Bill Monaghan

Terms Expire November 2019:
Monty Kaufman, Leslie Korenko, John Lippus, Judy Pflieger, Lou Schultz, Jim Semon

Terms Expire November 2020:
Zack Dolyk, David Biechele, Brent Gardner, Chris Gasteier, John Hildebrandt

Our Mission

The Erie County Historical Society was established in 1955.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Erie County Historical Society is to tell the story of Erie County, Ohio, to residents and visitors.

Our By-Laws