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Biemiller Building


121 - 125 East Water Street

Andrew Biemiller built the Italianate style structure in 1866 to accommodate the German Turnverein Association, a German organization that promoted gymnastics and athletics, as well as the study of the German language. Continue Reading >
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Biemiller Opera House


Southwest Corner of West Water Street and Jackson Street

The building which would in time become known as the Sandusky Theatre was built in 1877 by Andrew Biemiller. It was first known as the Biemiller Opera House. Continue Reading >
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Caryl Crane & the Graham-Ritter Bldg.


The Graham-Ritter Building

Between the J.C. Penney store and the Lasalle’s store was the Graham-Ritter Building, which was constructed in 1878 but modernized in 1955 when its façade was covered with green porcelain panels. Continue Reading >
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Cassidy-West Building


201 West Water Street

The Cassidy-West Building at 201 West Water Street was an early grocery store built in 1867 by Robert Cassidy. Continue Reading >
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Cooke Block


154 - 62 Columbus Avenue

The Cooke Block (the name “Cooke” still adorns the third floor fascia) has been in existence since the 1850s. Continue Reading >
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Colt’s Steamboat Hotel


100 East Water Street

In the fall of 1817 before the City of Sandusky was laid out, Cyrus W. Marsh build a frame house near the corner of Wayne and East Water Street where the Civista Bank now stands. Continue Reading >
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Donahue Hardware


126 Columbus Avenue

The building at 126 Columbus Avenue was built in 1853 to house the Moss Brothers Bank. Faber and Frank Donahue, who moved their hardware store to this location from the northeast corner of Jackson and Water Streets in 1914, added the brick façade. Continue Reading >
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Eleutheros Cooke House


NW Corner Columbus Ave and W. Washington Row

Eleutherous Cooke came to this area in 1818, settling in Bloomingville before moving to Sandusky in 1821. Continue Reading >
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