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Fisher’s Hall


163 - 165 East Water Street

Fisher’s Hall is the second large limestone building to occupy the northwest corner of East Water Street and Wayne Street. Continue Reading >
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Feick Building


158 - 160 East Market Street

The Feick Building, Sandusky’s tallest building (eight stories) was designed by Purcell and Feick, a Minneapolis Based architectural partnership formed by two Cornell classmates, one being Sandusky native, George Feick Jr. Continue Reading >
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Frank Schnaitter Tailoring Company


104 - 106 Columbus Avenue

The building standing at 104 and 106 Columbus Avenue was constructed for immigrants Anton Buderus and Cornelius Schnaitter who utilized the Victorian style building for their tailor shop. Continue Reading >
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Freeland T. Barney Building


225-231 West Water Street

In 1835 Zalmon Wildman and Isaac Mills, founders of Sandusky, built three brick stores each three stories high on Water Lots 68, 69, and 70. Continue Reading >
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G. A. Boeckling Building & the Cedar Point Pier


The pier on the east side of what is now known as the Jackson Street Pier has always been known as the Cedar Point Pier.

Starting in the 1870s, it has been used for boats carrying guests to Cedar Point and then back to Sandusky. Over the decades a number of boats have used the pier. The most famous—and beloved by Sanduskians—was the steamer G.A. Boeckling. Continue Reading >
G. A. Boeckling Building & the Cedar Point Pier2019-06-30T07:38:30-04:00

Graham Drug


102 Columbus Avenue

During the antebellum years the cluster of storefronts lining the southeastern corner of Columbus Avenue and Market Street included tailor, cobbler, milliner, and barber shops, along with a market. Today Daly’s Pub encompasses 102-112 Columbus Avenue. Continue Reading >
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Hinde and Dauch & Norman Hall


Jackson Street Pier

The massive three story brown brick building to the west of the Jackson Street Pier is now the Chesapeake Lofts, home to luxury condominiums offering a splendid view of Sandusky Bay. Continue Reading >
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Hubbard’s Block


109 - 101 West Water Street

The neighboring Hubbard’s Block was designed by the well-known architect, Sheldon Smith, whose Commercial College and School of Design occupied the third floor. Continue Reading >
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J. C. Penney & Montgomery Ward


To the south of Gray Drug, the two-story Colmar Building was constructed in the late 1920s for retail tenants.

On March 27-28, 1929, the J.C. Penney Company opened its first Sandusky store in part of this building, with an estimated 5,000 people attending the opening. Continue Reading >
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Jackson Street Pier with views of the Coal Docks


Jackson Street Pier

From the seawall on Jackson Street Pier the coal docks are clearly visible to the left (NW) of the pier. Sandusky has one of the finest and best protected harbors on the Great Lakes. Continue Reading >
Jackson Street Pier with views of the Coal Docks2019-06-22T07:38:48-04:00
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