Fishers Hall - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

Fisher’s Hall, ca. 1900. Image courtesy of Sandusky Library Archives Research Center

Fisher’s Hall is the second large limestone building to occupy the northwest corner of East Water Street and Wayne Street.

Fisher's Hall - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

The first building erected by John G. Camp in 1853 housed the Sandusky newspaper. It burned in 1862 and the current building was erected by railroader, John Fisher, in 1866.

In its early years, express companies including Wells Fargo, U.S. Express, and American Express occupied the first floor. Their horses were kept in the basement of the building where there was a seven foot ceiling, a dirt floor and two cisterns for watering the horses.

March 19, 1870 – Lecture upon Women Suffrage! Showing the necessity of woman’s influence and action in carrying out political and moral reforms, by Geo. B. Smith, from Detroit, formerly of Sandusky, at Fisher’s Hall on Tuesday Evening, March 22d.

The second floor had a stage which was used by the German Concordia Society to stage plays in German. Dances and lectures were also presented in the hall and beginning in the 1930’s the hall featured boxing and wrestling matches.

Many businesses were located on the first floor over the years including the Neill Brothers Agricultural Implements Company and Erie News, which sold wholesale newspapers, magazines and books.

Fisher’s Hall was beautifully restored in 1973 by local insurance agent, Tom Steinemann.