Sandusky – Historic Downtown Walking Tour References

///Sandusky – Historic Downtown Walking Tour References
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The following references were used in preparation of the Downtown Sandusky Historic Walking Tour. All are available at or through the Sandusky Library.

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Hansen, Helen, At Home in Early Sandusky, Sandusky Register, Sandusky, Ohio, 1975.

Hansen, Helen and Virginia Steineman, From the Widow’s Walk: A View of Sandusky, Sandusky Library and Follett House Museum, Sandusky, Ohio, Vol. 1,1991; Vol. 2, 1996.

The Sandusky Library History Blog:

Von Schulenburg, Ernst, Sandusky: Then and Now, Publication No. 115 of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, 1959.

The Sandusky Register (Newspaper)

Our City Sandusky: A Historical Sketch & Official Program of the 100th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the City of Sandusky, August, 1924.

Frohman, Charles E., Sandusky’s Yesterdays, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio, 1968.

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