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Test Your Knowledge of Erie County History!

Here’s a list of 25 questions that will test your knowledge of Erie County history. Just for fun, take the test and see how you measure up. Check back on future visits to www.eriecountyohiohistory.org to take the test again. We will be adding new questions on a regular basis.

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This man fled Canada after the Canadian Rebellion, and ended up in Milan, Ohio. As he was a fugitive, he was unable to return to Canada. Many believe his son was the most important non-religious man in history. What was his name?

This man invented the Potato Digger and the Peanut Digger. He lived in Avery, Ohio. Can you name him?

What was it called before Sandusky, Ohio shortened its name?

Who is the only recipient of an Olympic Gold Medal born in Sandusky, Ohio?

Erie County was originally part of what County?

Who was instrumental in starting the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home? It is now called the Ohio Veterans Home.

What was the original name of Sandusky’s Second Baptist Church?

Who financed the Civil War?

Who was the Sandusky native appointed as the first Governor of Washington D.C.?

Who was the Sandusky Resident that Published the Lincoln-Douglas Debates?

Who started the first High School Band in Ohio, and what was the School?

Who was the Sanduskian that was crowned “Miss America”?

What was it called before it became Kelleys Island?

Who developed Cedar Point from being a Picnic Grove to being a major Amusement Park?

Who were the Two Sandusky Football Players that became Hall of Famers in the Pros? (One in the US. And one in Canada.)

Who was the most powerful businessman in Sandusky in the 1940’s?

What company in Sandusky made Radar Equipment during World War II?

What U. S. President started his bid for President in Sandusky?

What was the name of the first Railroad in the State of Ohio, and where was it located?

What devastated Sandusky three (3) times?

What caused the virtual extinction of the onetime abundance of Sturgeon in Lake Erie?

This great hotel was opened just in time for the 1858 Ohio State Fair when it was held in Sandusky. What was the name of the hotel?

This man openly stated that Battery Park was the outstanding accomplishment of his tenure as Sandusky City Manager. In 1938 he bought Rockwell Trout Club from the Ball Brothers, fruit jar makers. He opened it up as a club to High Rollers. It still exists today. What was his name?

Two farm boys found an old 1871 patent that had expired. They took it to a new high by applying it to a product that is still in use today. Corrugated Boxes. Who were the farm boys?

He was 3 time Ohio High School State Champion from Sandusky. Only 4’11”, he won 3 consecutive state diving championships. Graduated in 1933. Who was he?