Irvine House vintage, ca. 1950. Image courtesy of Sandusky Library Archives Research Center

John and Samuel Irvine House

320-322 Lawrence Street

Two brothers, the Irvines, lived in the double house at 320-322 Lawrence Street. John Irvine was a master builder. Sam R. Irvine was a grocer. Their work on the Sandusky Underground Railroad was underscored by Sloane in this story:

“In 1855… on a certain train going north was placed …a coffin containing a poor man, but whose close friends wanted his remains carried to Sandusky for interment. The rough box had knotty holes and plenty of shavings had been put in around the “body”. In about two hours the “remains” were taken in charge by Sam R. Irvine and others, taken to a friendly house, and the “casket” opened; the eyes were blood-shot, the mouth was foaming, the poor man nearly dead.”