HISTORIC MILAN – The Village of Milan is located in Erie County, on the Huron River, about 12 miles southeast of Sandusky. The main part of the village is locate on Route 113, east off Route 250 passes through the middle of this quaint and beautiful community.

A LITTLE HISTORY – In 1804 Moravian missionaries established an Indian village called Pequotting on the site. Settlers from Connecticut arrived a few years later, and the village was laid out in 1816 by Ebenezer Merry and named for Milan, Italy. In 1817 it contained two log houses or cabins. A canal was dug (1832–39) connecting the village to Lake Erie via the Huron River, and the community became a busy wheat-shipping and shipbuilding center. The village’s refusal to allow the Lake Shore and Michigan Railroad a right-of-way marked its decline as a commercial center.

Milan has an incredible selection of historic homes, many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. In fact, part of the village was designated as the Milan Historic District and features lovely Greek Revival, Second Empire, and Italianate Architectural Styles, constructed between 1825-1849, 1850-1874, and 1875-1899. On the North side is the Mitchell Historic District. Milan is the birthplace of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison.

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SOME OF MILAN’S MORE CLASSIC HOUSES  – Enjoy this slideshow of some of the more historic and interesting houses in Milan. Our thanks to John Blakeman for providing these photos and for volunteering to work on a more detailed architectural tour which will be posted on this page sometime this spring. Be patient there are 20 photos here and may take a minute to fully load the slideshow.