Cedar Point has both a museum and a lighthouse, however there are no individual pages for either. Everything is now under the main Cedar Point website www.CedarPoint.com.
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Cedar Point Lighthouse

1 Cedar Point Drive (off U.S. 6), Sandusky
(419) 627-2350

The lighthouse is owned by Cedar Point Amusement Park. This 38-ft lighthouse was built in 1862, pre-dating the start of Cedar Point Resort operations in 1870. It is the oldest permanent structure on the Cedar Point peninsula. It was used as an aid to navigation until 1909. The adjoining lighthouse keeper’s home is a fine example of native limestone construction. During the Civil War federal troops erected a battery adjacent to the lighthouse to guard the entrance to Sandusky Bay and watch over the Confederate prison on Johnson’s Island. Cedar Point has erected signage to provide visitor information on the lighthouse. A causeway toll/parking fee is required to drive around the peninsula to view the lighthouse, which is located in Lighthouse Point RV campground.

The lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in July 1984. A great history of the lighthouse can be found at:  http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=659

Cedar Point Town Hall Museum - Erie County Ohio Historical SocietyCedar Point Town Hall Museum

Photo courtesy of Cedar Point
1 Cedar Point Drive (off U.S. 6), Sandusky
(419) 627-2350

Located in the Frontier Town section of Cedar Point, the Town Hall Museum has an extensive display of park memorabilia, photographs, souvenirs, maps, posters, ride models, awards, and arcade machines, including two famous carousel horses. The museum also has a large collection of dental instruments, antique firefighting equipment, and ship models.

Few visitors take the time to appreciate the remarkable collection of historic structures and features that are found throughout the massive grounds of Cedar Point. While many parks erect modern buildings that mimic historic structures in their design, Cedar Point has maintained many of its most distinguished structures and integrated them into the everyday life of this vibrant amusement park. These beautiful buildings, often standing side-by-side with the most modern and high-tech thrill attractions found anywhere on Earth, are a testament to the quality of the workmanship of their builders and the appreciation that Cedar Point has for its long and distinguished history.

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Cedar Point Marker - Erie County Ohio Historical Society