There is a bit of mystery about Peddler’s Alley and we are still working on chasing it down. Here is what we have so far.

The alley entrance is off Columbus Ave. It is sometimes called Musician’s Alley because of the music shops located next to the alley, which also have entrances onto the alley.





The alley is quite narrow and forms the perfect place to sit and enjoy a beverage or light snack. It is nicely landscaped and lighted and at the end of the Alley is The Wall, one of Sandusky’s first outdoor art projects.





Now take a closer look. There are remnants of old doors, windows and repairs which begs the question – What was there before?

If it was a building, it must have been a very narrow one.

The doors and windows indicate that it might have been an alley at one time, similar to the one across the street. It is apparent that many expansions and alterations have been made over the years.




Take a minute to stroll down to the end of the alley. After you discover the beauty of The Wall, turn around and look at the rear of the two buildings on your left.

The bottom part of this building is built with rough cut limestone and has an interesting doorway, which leads us to believe that there was an alley that ran behind the Columbus Ave. buildings. It would have been very convenient for deliveries.



See that small building? There is quite a surprise there too. Although difficult to see, there is a lovely scene painted on the building. Please do not try to get a closer look, this IS private property.