ca 1914 – 220 West Market Street

220 West Market Street

Third National Bank - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

Third National Bank (postcard), ca. 1870-1885. Image courtesy of Sandusky Library Archives Research Center

Henry Millott was the architect, and G. William Doerzback and his brother were the contractors for this building. This Neoclassic structure has a huge portico with Iconic-style shafts and elaborate decorations . The double door entrance is framed in garland-like decorations and topped with double cornucopias signifying plenty. Garland like lintels decorate the second story windows. The building is currently occupied by a law firm.

Rieger Hotel - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

Founded in 1872 as the Third National Bank, the Third National Exchange Bank was at 220 West Market Street from 1914 until the mid 1960’s. This building was one of the community’s leading financial institutions. George Boeckling, the Cedar Point developer, was president of the bank at the time of his death. In 1961 the bank was listed as the Third National Bank of Sandusky. There was a branch of the bank at the northwest corner of Columbus and Perkins Avenues. In 1993 the Third National Bank began operating as National City Bank. It was consolidated with the National City Bank of Cleveland and acquired by PNC in 2008.

Third National Bank - Erie County Ohio Historical Society

The “B” medallion over the door stands for the Bailey Group, the current occupants of the building.