We are trying something new – Voices from (or about) the past. So many people post comments on our Facebook page that are way too interesting not to share in a more permanent location. So — This is your opportunity to share a story about your family’s experiences in Erie County.

A Day to Remember – 1945 and the end of World War II

In the mind of a child, many things are worth remembering. As a nine-year-old in 1945, one day will stand out in my memory for the rest of my life.

World War II had been raging for four years, and even I can remember some of the sacrifices citizens made to help our troops and the war effort; like saving dimes to buy war bonds, going without some food or clothing items. 

But on May 8th, 1945, I was outside roller skating on McEwen Street, where our family lived.  It was mid-morning when suddenly I heard the whistles blowing at near-by Farrell-Cheek Steel and Apex Manufacturing. Listening closer, I could hear church bells ringing also.  They continued, for what seemed to me a long time, and I was about to go into the house and ask my mother what was going on.  Suddenly women in the neighborhood came running out onto their porches and were shouting to each other, “The War Has Ended!” 

After an extended time, the bells and whistles stopped, except for Apex Manufacturing.  That whistle had gotten stuck and continued for almost half an hour. A joyous noise for a joyous occasion!
Mary Singler – Archivist – Maritime Museum of Sandusky

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