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Underground Railroad Historic Walking Tour

While gazing across Sandusky Bay at a world class amusement park or watching pleasure craft glide serenely across the water while standing in Sandusky’s Facer Park, we easily forget the active role the city’s waterfront played in the operation of the Underground Railroad well over a century and a half earlier.

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Washington Park Historic Walking Tour

Unlike many of the larger cities located on the south shore of Lake Erie, Sandusky still retains a large number of historically significant 19th century residences and commercial buildings. It’s worth considering some of the events in the city’s history that shaped the city as it has evolved over the past two centuries.

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Downtown Sandusky Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to the Erie County Historical Society’s Downtown Sandusky Historic Walking Tour. In the past, the Society has focused its effort to acquaint residents and visitors with the rich history of Erie County through hosting lectures and erecting historical markers.

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