Wildman and Mills constructed this building  in 1835, and sold it to John Sloan in 1845.

The deed described the property as a three-story brick building with a warehouse and wharf. In 1892, Mrs. William Bing established a restaurant there and later the G.W. Puckrin family took over the business with “first class meals for .25 cents.”

Sandusky had not developed as fast as Mills and Wildman had anticipated, but the future looked brighter when, in September of 1835, ceremonies were held at Battery Park to begin construction of the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad. On the same day ground was broken for the horse drawn Monroeville and Sandusky City Railroad. This railroad activity encouraged Mills and Wildman to erect several brick buildings at 205, 209, 211, 217 and 223 Water Street. The buildings have had many owners and housed many businesses over the years and have been remodeled numerous times. They are considered the oldest buildings in downtown Sandusky.

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